Overlord Academy

January 16, 2013

Another move

Filed under: announcement,seat of power — Elvenbane @ 10:16 pm

The official location of the Academy has finally changed. Everything is in disarray as boxes are being unpacked, and the torture implements are put away. The dungeon is a nice frigid temperature. This new facility is brand new, state of the art! The cafeteria microwave does not just beep at you when it is done, no, it plays music!

The minions are excited! Oddly enough though, they are not helping with the unpacking, but have instead jumped head on into their experiments.

This location is so much better than the last location. When I’m not busy torturing the captives, or teaching the minions, I can gaze out upon a frozen wasteland and plan my world domination. You need to have your dreams!

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