Overlord Academy

March 30, 2009

Future Minister Tryouts

Filed under: government — Elvenbane @ 10:33 pm

I took a potential minister out to the desert this weekend. I already knew I could trust him implicitly for anything, but I did not know how well he could defend me or himself. The trip was an eye opening experience.

It was an absolute gas shooting the weapons, feeling the testosterone coursing through our veins… But I was sorely disappointed in his shooting skills. I am not saying that he could not practice and become the greatest marksman the world has ever seen. In all actuality, I would not put it past him. What I am saying, is that until he does go through all that practice, I will do the defending.¬†Twenty-Five rounds and only one of them hit the clay pigeon. In his defense, he was using his brothers shot-gun. He probably had not developed the feel for it yet.

You know, I do not think he would make a good Minister of Defense. He would make a great candidate for Minister of Education though. Now that is a thought. And he does show the proper desire of wanting to use a firearm. And he can, after all, survive the fall of a crashing helicopter. Definitely someone to keep around.

You have the job… Question is, which job do I give you? I will have my people call your people.

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