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November 26, 2012

The rightful place of socialism

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With the most recent United States of America elections outcome, I have been thinking about socialism. During my youthful training, I spent a few years in Russia. This was shortly after the communistic regime had collapsed. The socialistic programs and their outcome were still evident. The people spent all those years living in squalor, equally. The leaders, not so much squalor, but they still had to deal with shoddy workmanship.

As you go out and establish your own empires, remember the lessons learned from Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, and many others. If you want to destroy the country, implement Socialism. If you want your empire to ultimately fail, socialism is the way to go! Sure you might be a clenched fist tyrant, but if enough people rise up against you, no matter how hungry they are, you are going to fall.

For a truly successful empire to last, your subjects need to be free; or at least the illusion that they are free. Free to choose not to buy their own health insurance. Free to choose which doctor they visit and what care they will pay for. Free to choose what kind of life they want to live, and free to earn the money to afford their chosen lifestyle. If they are unable to earn the necessary funds, they obviously will not be living that lifestyle! The government is not going to pay for them, nor will the rest of the nation.

Granted, there will need to be regulations to prevent price gouging and stiff penalties for those who adversely affect others. Causing a car accident and not having insurance for example. Basically, let the people govern themselves. This means less work for you as the ruler, and oddly enough, will win the adoration of your subjects. You can still do all those heinous things you desire, but your subjects will willingly turn a blind eye to them!

In summary then, if you want to destroy your empire implement socialism.

I will not.

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