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May 28, 2014

Notes from the Grounds Keeper

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The grounds keeper has pointed out that several large moats have been dug in the grounds surrounding the Academy. If you do not wish for a painful death, you would be wise to avoid these moats. More construction on these moats will commence in the upcoming days. Also, the greenhouses are progressing nicely. They should be ready in time for the next semester classes.

January 16, 2013

Another move

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The official location of the Academy has finally changed. Everything is in disarray as boxes are being unpacked, and the torture implements are put away. The dungeon is a nice frigid temperature. This new facility is brand new, state of the art! The cafeteria microwave does not just beep at you when it is done, no, it plays music!

The minions are excited! Oddly enough though, they are not helping with the unpacking, but have instead jumped head on into their experiments.

This location is so much better than the last location. When I’m not busy torturing the captives, or teaching the minions, I can gaze out upon a frozen wasteland and plan my world domination. You need to have your dreams!

August 15, 2012

A slow year

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As is evident by looking at the posting date of my last post, it has been a slow year.

It has not been a slow year. In fact, it has been an extremely busy year! So busy, that no time was allotted in updating the blog. So, a quick synopsis shall be given.

The minions are all a year older. The minion’s pets have been evicted. One sank it’s fangs into my arm, and quickly learned how to fly.

It is also time for a great announcement! The academy is once again going to move! This move should be the final move. A new building is being constructed. Just yesterday the footings were poured. The design phase is already completed. It is sit back and wait time.

The IT department is thinking about changing technology with the move, but I’m not holding my breath!

March 25, 2011

Server upgrade and new library

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иконописикони богородицаWe were experiencing some OS issues here at the Academy. Therefore, we have upgraded the OS to something better, and installed a library system. You will find the library in the page section under the heading Biblioteka. Library registration is required and only available to upper class students. Please let the librarian know that you would like access to the facilities.

June 15, 2009

The Academy is Blocked

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Not raman amplifiersure why this is happening, I cannot seem to get a response from WebSense, but they have deemed this site as “Malicious.” Not sure what that means other than if your company uses WebSense to filter what can be accessed via the internet, then you will not be able to see this notification. I am guessing that this should be seen as a badge of honor, that we are being unfairly targetted. There are many students who are now no longer able to attend class.

Update: WebSense tells me there is malicious code. Has yet to give me a copy of the malicious code found. They are very slow in responding. The Academy may have to take on a change of format temporarily.

Update: Crisis is over. The Academy is no longer blocked.

January 16, 2009

Dr. Horrible

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I stumbled across a bit of fun. If you know who Joss Whedon is, then you probably know already if you like or hate his stuff. If you tend to like his stuff, please follow the blogroll link “Joss Whedon Fun” found near the bottom of this page.


June 3, 2008

The World of Miniatures

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I am one of the first to admit that I am a geek. That being said, let me also state that I have never played Dungeons and Dragons or any other role playing adventure. MMORPGs do not count. I am not saying I have not been intrigued by this particular type of gaming, just that the opportunity has never presented itself.

During the natural course of my alter ego’s professional life, several coworkers decided to learn how to paint miniatures. Naturally I wanted to learn as well. Eventually these classes sputtered and died, but I persevered. Here then, is my first attempt to paint a miniature

Temporary Mascotкомпютри

May 12, 2008


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I am officially declaring war upon pigeons.

During this past winter, a mob of these trash birds took up residence on the roof of the Academy. I was completely unwilling to climb up there in the snow and ice to take care of the problem, and the janitor staff managed to get roof work in their contract. I had no choice but to address it myself. (I may be plotting world domination, but I am not there yet. I must still follow the law.) Fortunately a couple of hawks took up residence nearby and scared the pigeons away. I was, however, left with an awful, smelly mess.

Over the weekend I found some time to finally get up there and fully assess the situation. I was dumbfounded at how bad things really were! The rain gutters were completely full of bird poop! Several sections of the roof were completely covered as well. I quickly gathered a few tools, garbage bags and my trusty leather gloves. I then ascended back up to the roof and began clearing the mess. Three garbage bags and thirty minutes of high water pressure later, the roof is once again, clean. There were even dead birds buried in all that poop! It was one giant disgusting mess! New torture method, burial up to the head in bird crap.

If the birds ever show up again, there will be no mercy. Out will come the spike strips. Out will come the traps. And out will come the bags of poisoned bird food. This past winter did not have mercy, only laziness. But that to will be gone if those filthy things return! I had a strong dislike for them before, but now it is pure hatred!

April 23, 2008

The New Bike

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Everyone needs one of these!

The new bike

April 8, 2008

Theme Song

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All of the truly sinister evil doers have their own theme song. Darth Vader has a very recognizable theme song. You hear that music and you KNOW something bad is going to happen. I want a theme song!

The Evil Overlord needs a theme song. Sinister sounds emanating from his person, or blaring from loud speakers as he enters the throne room. What better signal to give to the masses that their very lives hang in the balance than a perfectly crafted piece of music, a true work of art.

The operative word here is music. This by definition excludes country and rap. You may choose to go with standard billboard music, or even alternative, but for a truly great sinister theme, you have to utilize a full orchestra. The high piercings of the strings, the throaty sounds of the woods and the sharpness of the brass all combine to create a truly deep fear of the man approaching.

I think that this needs to be a special contest. Whoever can create a theme song that I find suitable, will forever be execution impermissible. All entrants will have a death reprieve through the end of the contest. Truly disgusting pieces of work will require execution at the end of the contest.

All you would be musicians, get to work!


April 3, 2008

Overlord Spawn

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This past weekend, Mrs. Evil Overlord gave birth to my new spawn. Cute little bugger. Of course this begs the question, is having children advisable for an Evil Overlord? The answer is of course, no. However, I had already multiplied before crafting the rules that this school teaches. The children born after the rules are to cause trouble for the earlier spawn. So I am fine. All my spawn have a reason for continued life.

I do need to be careful though. They now greatly outnumber me. Should they ever get past their petty differences and gang up against me… The results would be disastrous! One more reason for avoiding offspring as the Overlord.

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