Overlord Academy

August 15, 2012

A slow year

Filed under: announcement,seat of power — Elvenbane @ 1:20 pm

As is evident by looking at the posting date of my last post, it has been a slow year.

It has not been a slow year. In fact, it has been an extremely busy year! So busy, that no time was allotted in updating the blog. So, a quick synopsis shall be given.

The minions are all a year older. The minion’s pets have been evicted. One sank it’s fangs into my arm, and quickly learned how to fly.

It is also time for a great announcement! The academy is once again going to move! This move should be the final move. A new building is being constructed. Just yesterday the footings were poured. The design phase is already completed. It is sit back and wait time.

The IT department is thinking about changing technology with the move, but I’m not holding my breath!

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