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June 24, 2009

Proper Humiliation

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It is vitally important, when it become time to humiliate someone, to do it properly. You need to crush their soul. Obliterate all semblances of hope. Remove any chance, no matter how slim, that they will recover.

When it comes time to issue the killing blow or statement, it is best done in such a way that everything that they thought was their best chance for recognition or salvation, is dragged through the proverbial mud. This will signify to the worthless peon that no matter how hard they work, how valuable they thought they were, despite their best efforts, they are still worthless. Their net contribution value is negative.

After doing this, your would-be opponent has nothing to stand on. They will have nothing to attack you with for you will have removed everything. If done properly, they will never recover and will never be able to challenge you again. I

f you are going to all the effort required to humiliate someone, go all the way. It only requires a little extra effort on your part, and oh so worth it when you see that special look on their face when they realize that there is no washing that mud off their face!

June 15, 2009

The Academy is Blocked

Filed under: announcement — Elvenbane @ 8:39 pm

Not raman amplifiersure why this is happening, I cannot seem to get a response from WebSense, but they have deemed this site as “Malicious.” Not sure what that means other than if your company uses WebSense to filter what can be accessed via the internet, then you will not be able to see this notification. I am guessing that this should be seen as a badge of honor, that we are being unfairly targetted. There are many students who are now no longer able to attend class.

Update: WebSense tells me there is malicious code. Has yet to give me a copy of the malicious code found. They are very slow in responding. The Academy may have to take on a change of format temporarily.

Update: Crisis is over. The Academy is no longer blocked.

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