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August 14, 2007

Fortress Approach Defenses

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As you begin planning, and then building your Seat of Power (fortress), you need to pay special attention to the approaches of this structure. You need to weigh the importance of easy access for day to day operations against slowing down possible would be attackers. Your fortress may be impregnable, but we really want to prevent attackers from reaching the structure.

We will begin with constructing a wall around the perimeter of the property. This wall will have only one opening, with large gates sealing shut the opening whenever needed. The wall should angle out has it goes up, making it that much harder for someone to climb over. The top should be covered in razor wire coils, and broken glass shards.

If by some ill fate of luck, the attackers have penetrated past the wall, we must now engage our more sinister tools. Just inside the wall, a security road circles the property. As soon as the attackers reach this road, secret mechanisms activate which drop the surface of the road fifteen feet, into a spiked pit. With any luck, many if not all of your attackers will die in the fall. If not, reset the road, they will be trapped with no way out. They will die of hunger and thirst. You could drop and reset the road many times during the attack.

If they make it past the road, the grounds need to transform into a maze with deadly booby traps. Kill, hurt, and maim the attackers. If they reach the actual fortress, their resolve is fairly strong, and you must rely on the defenses of the fortress itself from this point forward. Some of these defenses could already be employed. All during the attack, snipers from your fortress could be taking pot shots at the foolish attackers.

3 Responses to “Fortress Approach Defenses”

  1. Dethlore says:

    I have witnessed a tool that helps in placement strategies for turrets on a “game” called “Shock Defense.” You can locate it at http://www.addictinggames.com. (Editted)

  2. Donovan says:

    I’m sooo all about takin’ pot shots. I mean… with a gun, of course. Sniping is so fricking awesome! Like on Halo. Sniping is the best.

    TO DETHLORE>> What in the frick is this website??? I couldn’t find that game anywhere. It was just a basic advertisement website. Please provide better instructions or I’ll snipe your ace.

  3. Dethlore says:

    Ahhh yes… it’s http://www.addictinggames.com

    …not addicted. I might have led you stray to a pron site! Almost anything that isn’t something is pron nowadays.

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