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June 7, 2007

Super Powers

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No matter how much you may wish for some sort of special power, you will never be anything more than an average human. Thinking that by just willing it to happen, you can somehow change reality, will only prove how woefully inadequate you are to rule the world.

Yes, it is nice to dream of being able to fly, to shoot raw power from your hands, or even to control the elements. All it is though, is foolish dreams. The only true super power that any of us can truly work toward, is enough control of world politics and local governments to always have our will obeyed.  In all actuality, anyone can obtain that lofty goal. However, by attending this school, you are being taught those few extra skills to give you an extra step or two up the ladder leading to world domination.

Once you have taken over the world, you can use your military and other resources, to develop all the equipment needed to pretend that you can fly, shoot lasers from your eyes, control the weather, manipulate the elements, control minds, or generally enjoy your abilities to really screw up the peasants way of life. And of course, you will always be able to test this new technology in the lands which will be formerly known as france.

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